An Online Course in Emotional Release

Get it Out! Healing Anger

Women and non-binary queens tapping into their inner shadow, the unseen, and releasing. Explore what's standing in the way of your light & love.

Women are wild, passionate, stormy beings. But most of us have been brought up to not express ourselves fully, silencing negative emotions, especially concerning anger. We feel misunderstood, drained and stuck when we don’t express our emotions fully. Or when we put on a mask or show hurt, when the core emotion we feel is anger.

Get it Out! Healing Anger and Powerful Emotion:

This 5- week course will take you deeper, into creating a toolkit that you can integrate into your regular life. Helping you to respond to your emotions and feelings, instead of storing them up.

Acknowledge and embrace the all parts of yourself, and allow yourself to feel your inner truths in order to recognize it, and release it.

So you can be you, authentically.

Suppressed negative emotions lock our energy up in unhealthy ways. Releasing fear, anger, sadness, bitterness, and anxiety frees locked up energy, making it available to your vitality.

Everything in life is feedback, and unless we acknowledge what our emotions are trying to tell us and give them a space, it’s difficult to understand the lessons we can take from our experiences. We end up carrying them around, buried inside of us, weighing us down, and colouring our world. The authentic you is buried underneath all of that destructive behaviour. Our focus will be anger and fear, but tools can also be used for other negative emotions such as grief and anxiety.

During and after this this course:

  • Learn meditations and practices to connect you more deeply into your inner world of emotions
  • Explore what stands in the way of your inner truth, power and authenticity
  • Meet your inner shadow, the dark unseen part of you, what you hide
  • Practice a healthier expression and release of your emotion through bodywork, movement, rituals, sounding, interacting with others
  • Learn what you do to repress and control
  • Explore your authentic voice
  • Use tools to acknowledge and express your inner YES and NO (boundaries)
  • Experience more freedom in your body
  • Feel lighter, like a heavy load has been lifted

We will use techniques from embodiment healing, feminine arts, dance, tao-tantric practices, intuitive healing, energy work, sounding, emotional & body release, NLP, breath work and stillness.

Hi, my name is Juel. I help women, & non-binary queens, re-connect with their inner source of power to create authentic and passionate lives.

I want people to remember their essence. And live it.

These tools have literally changed my life. They continually support me on my journey, and I can't wait to share them with you.

Here is what some women shared:

"Thank you Juel for creating a safe space and offering the tools to help me get in touch with my anger. It has enabled me to reconnect with my fire🔥 Anger was always a difficult emotion for me to express, and doing so under your guidance has made all the difference. Since following the 3-week course Healing Anger I feel more in touch with my boundaries and empowered to express those to others. ❤️

— Josje Leijdekkers"

"I’ve participated in Juel’s 3-week-course ‘Get it out: Healing Anger - Emotional Release’ and I’m so glad I did. This course has given me so much... I, and many women with me I think, have always been taught not to express my anger, but instead be polite, be nice, be kind. This course has taught me how to tap into my anger in a way that I feel empowered and strong. I have learned to not fight my anger but to embrace it and use it even… I love how Juel focusses on the physical aspect of emotions and leads us away from our analytical mind that loves creating stories, rationalizing, explaining… “stay with your feelings, where do you feel it in the body, what do you feel, can you give it space?”… To be able to really feel, express and let go of emotions such as anger, pain and grief in a group of women, felt very liberating and special and I’m very grateful for this experience. Also Juel has given us tools to bring home and continue our practice by ourselves.. something I’m enjoying quite a lot. Before I’ve always felt stuck and helpless when experiencing anger, not knowing how to deal with it, or dealing with it in a destructive matter and now I’m ‘armed’ with a set of tools and exercises I can turn to whenever I want. I think this course helped me greatly on my path of healing and acceptance and getting in tune with myself and I would recommend it to every woman out there!

— Anna van Lingen"

Juel McNeilly

Embodiment Coach & Mentor

Tap into your shadow
& release.

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